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Intellectual property rights

All rights, including copyright and database rights, on the website and its content are owned by SIA or are used in accordance with Article 19 of the Copyright Law of the Republic of Latvia (Use of a Work of an Author without the Consent of the Author and without Remuneration). By visiting the website, you agree to receive these materials solely for your own personal, and not for commercial or public use.   

You agree that you shall not reproduce, duplicate, download, sell, resell, publish, modify or otherwise distribute the material on the website for any purpose without the express prior written consent of SIA or in accordance with the Copyright Law of the Republic of Latvia  and any other legislation that will enter into force instead of this Law.

Information for copyright holders SIA has a negative attitude towards any copyright infringement on the website. All materials (photos, videos, text)  provided on this website are obtained either on the basis of relevant licenses, or from open sources on the Internet in accordance with Article 19 of the Copyright Law of the Republic of Latvia (hereinafter - the "Law") and provided solely for  informational purpose.

Thus, in accordance with Article 19 of the Latvian Copyright Law (Use of a Work of an Author without the Consent of the Author and without Remuneration) copyright shall not be considered infringed if a work of an author is used without the consent of the author and without remuneration pursuant to the procedures specified by this Law, in particular, if a work is used for informational purposes to fixate, communicate to the public and publish current events by photographic works.

If You are a owner of the material posted on the website, and You want this material not to be distributed without your consent, we will be happy to assist you in carrying out this intention. Therefore, if you are the owner of exclusive property rights, including:

• the exclusive right to reproduce,

• the exclusive right to distribute,

• the exclusive right to public display,

• the exclusive right to bring to public notice,

and you find on illegally posted material, the rights to use which belong to you or the person you represent, send a notice to Abuse Team by e-mail:

Recommended content of the notice:

1. A clear and complete identification of the copyrighted work claimed to be infringed:

1.1. Name.

1.2. Official webpage or original page.

2. Information about the right holder:

2.1. Name / Full name of the legal entity.

2.2. Postal address (in case of discrepancy between legal and postal address – please, indicate both legal and postal address).

2.3. Right holder website on the Internet.

2.4. License for the right to conduct business (if such type of activity shall be licensed in the manner prescribed by law).

2.5. Contact person of the right holder (name, position, contact information).

3. Data of the person submitting the notice:

3.1. Full Name.

3.2. Position.

3.3. Phone number.

3.4. E-mail.

3.5. A copy of the power of attorney to act on behalf of the right holder (not required if the person filing the notice is an authorized employee of the right holder's company).

4. Notice details:

4.1. An identification of the allegedly infringing materials, and the reference or link to website, that contain copyrighted work(s) claimed to be infringed. The identification should include enough specific information, such as a URL or an item listing, so that we can reasonably locate the allegedly infringing material.   

4.2. Description of the essence of the violation.


If we determine that your notice complies with our requirements, we will act promptly to consider your notice and make a decision regarding the allegedly infringing material and notify you about the results of the investigation.

In accordance with the current legislation, SIA is ready to consider disputes in the pre-trial (claim or other) settlement procedure.

Vajame Teie nõusolekut

Meteoprog ja meie teenusepakkujad võivad juurde pääseda ja salvestada Teie seadme isikuandmeid, nagu näiteks küpsiseid, seadme identifikaatoreid või muud sarnast tehnoloogiat, ning neid töödelda sisu ja reklaamide isikupärastamiseks, samuti sotsiaalmeedia väljundite pakkumiseks ja liikluse analüüsimiseks.

  • Ligipääs Teie seadmes olevale infole ja selle salvestamine

    Küpsiseid, seadme identifikaatoreid või muud teavet saab Teie seadmes salvestada või sellele juurde pääseda eespool nimetatud eesmärgil.

  • Isikupärastatud reklaamid ja sisu, reklaami ja sisu mõõtmine, vaatajaskonna statistika ja tootearendus

    Reklaame ja sisu saab profiili põhjal isikupärastada. Reklaamide ja sisu paremaks isikupärastamiseks saab lisada rohkem andmeid. Reklaami ja sisu toimivust saab mõõta. Reklaami ja sisu näinud publiku kohta võidakse statistikat koguda. Selliseid andmeid saab kasutada kasutajakogemuse, süsteemide ja tarkvara arendamiseks või parandamiseks.

Klõpsates nupul „Nõustun”, lubate küpsiste, seadme identifikaatorite, veebimajakate või muu sarnase tehnoloogia kasutuse. Seadeid saate muuta oma seadme veebibrauseris.

Teatud eesmärkidel võidakse tugineda õigustatud huvidele, mitte nõusolekule. Selle kohta saate lähemalt lugeda meie privaatsus- ja küpsiseeskirjadest.